We made it to 30 weeks!

The days have been just crawling by to get to this point. The last two weeks have been endless! But we did it! 30 has been our absolute minimum from the start. I’m so happy we did it. For some reason, I knew we would, but it feels great to get here. The end really is in sight! 32 is our ultimate goal, so that’s our next milestone! Really, every day is a milestone though. I’m awake throughout the night, and every time I see it’s past midnight I have my own private celebration. Last night it was a big one!! Even my nurse was so excited to change it to 30 on their board. Apparently everyone is very excited around here that we hit 30, from my nurses to the NICU. It’s awesome to have everyone rooting for me around here. And all my facebook friends! I was hoping to announce it on there myself, but everyone beat me to the punch! It’s nice to know everyone cares 🙂

So yesterday I ventured out of my room for the first time in two weeks. Woohoo! We went downstairs (by wheelchair of course) to ATU to have a growth scan and biophysical profile. The babies are all doing great!! Here are their current weights:

A (boy): 3 lbs 6 ozs

B (girl): 3 lbs 14 ozs

C (girl): 2 lbs 14 ozs

D (boy): 3 lbs 1 ozs

They are great sizes, and are growing very well. No problems! I have to admit, it does concern me that there’s such a big difference in weights now. I know that can fluctuate because of a tiny difference in measurement, but I’m a worrier, and I worry that poor little C will get squeezed out and continue to drop back in the weights. Up until now, they’ve been close in weights. But really C is still close to D, so it’s not a big worry. My doctor said that if one is not gaining weight, or not gaining enough weight, they will have to take them all. But for right now they are all doing well, and I will keep my worries in check 🙂

So from now on I will be having biophysical profiles twice a week, which is where they check breathing, fluid, blood flow and movement. The next growth scan is in two weeks, at 32 weeks. I thought that was really far away and I’d rather have it every week, but a resident explained to me that if there’s any issue with the babies’ growth, they will see it in the biophysical profile. Which made me feel better, so I’m happy that we are staying on top of it and will be able to see any issues pretty quickly. I also continue to get ultrasounds daily to check their heart rates.

As for me, I’ve been doing well. NOT happy that I have stretch marks now. If anyone has any miracle ideas of how to get rid of them or fade them, PLEASE share. I guess it was bound to happen since I’m ginormous, but I was hoping I could avoid them. It’s bad enough carrying around 14 pounds of baby! I still get monitored twice a day for contractions, and have been staying within the normal amount I’m allowed to have. I have noticed, though, that the past day and a half I have had more than I was. Still no more than 4-5 an hour, but I’ll get them in the middle of the night when I wake up, and a little more throughout the day. Last night they were a little painful, but that’s also because they squeeze the babies against my bladder and ribs. Fun times. In any case, I’m letting the doctors know how many I’m having and if they hurt so we can keep an eye on it. Again, worrier me thinks that this is the very beginning of labor and these babies trying to escape, but who knows what will happen. I just stay in my comfy bed, take frequent naps, drink tons of water, and hope for the best.

I think that’s all the updating I have for now; it’s pretty uneventful most of the time, which is why I haven’t posted in a week!! I’ll try to post more often, but there’s not always anything interesting to post. Be patient with me!

As always, your thoughts and prayers seem to be doing a lot of good for us, so please keep throwing them out there! All the love is keeping these babies cooking in here. That an apparently I have a wonderfully hospitable uterus because Easton didn’t want to come out either! He was born at 41 weeks. It must be really comfortable in there, despite baby C pushing everyone around. She’s the smallest, but I’m guessing right now that she’s is going to be my handful when she’s born!!

Think 32 everyone!!

22 thoughts on “We made it to 30 weeks!

  1. Yay for good news! I’m so happy for you! Do you have names all picked out? Are they ABCD names? Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Yay! Congratulations! I just love your blog and positive posts! You are an inspiration to me. I am pregnant with our first and have been on bed rest since 20 weeks due to cervical length issues and on Saturday I will be 28 weeks! Praying for you and those sweet babies! Keep us posted!

  3. Hey Kerry. Kevin Nolty here, just wishing you the best! If it is any comfort, I was six weeks early and exactly 4 lbs when I was born and it clearly hasn’t had any effect on me, haha. Everything will turn out great and 32 weeks is just around the corner! Congrats on everything!!

  4. Way to go Kerry. Your probably right that baby C with be your handful child. But every family has one. Good luck to you and Brain and I will keep you in my thought and prayers.

  5. OMG – Kerry that is awesome…Just saw Kelly post this on FB and read the whole thing! Congrats! I am so excited for you guys! Let me know if you need a baby photographer! 😉 Good luck for 2 weeks more! 🙂

  6. I’ve been away from the forums for a while and have been constantly thinking about you and those babies. I thought I followed your blog a while back but apparently not. So SO excited to hear you and all 4 of those little ones are growing beautifully. As for stretch marks, postnatal I would recommend laser treatments. I’ve heard they do wonders 🙂 Congrats on such an amazing milestone of 30 weeks!!

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