29 Weeks!

We made it to 29 weeks! I celebrate every morning I wake up but it’s great when we hit each weekly milestone. Next goal is to hit 30 so hopefully we can do that!

I’m still getting daily ultrasounds to check heart rates. The babies are doing well! We are also starting to do biophysical profiles every Wednesday. In addition to heart rates, they also check movement, fluid levels and breathing. Everything was perfect! The tech said it took less time to get four babies than it does for some singletons, so mine are very cooperative. Hope that carries over after they are born! I’m also proud that I have the best blood pressure on the floor! Go me!

So you know I’m stuck here and that sucks, but I’m doing ok with it. One benefit is that I can now order off the cafe menu for lunch and dinner. Woohoo! More variety and hopefully better food. Looking forward to my cheesesteak for lunch and my General Tso’s chicken for dinner!!

One if the doctors joked today that hen she needed to know something, like the details of the royal baby, that everyone should come to me. I watch so much news and tv that I’ve got all the stories!!! Funny, I’m more connected to the world being in here than I was out there.

On the home front, the movers came yesterday to move the rest of our furniture. Poor Brian is still going crazy moving the rest of the small stuff, and finding places for it all. Not to mention dealing with Fios who screwed up and shut off the tv and Internet in the new house, figuring out how we are going to close on the new house while I’m in here, tracking down the dogs who ran away when the movers were here, working and taking care of Easton. He wants to trade places with me, and I think I’d rather be home handling the chaos! It is kinda funny thinking of Yoshi running up to the school and all around the kids. I can just see the big doggy smile with the tongue hanging out and the cinnabun tail wiggling like crazy! Just glad Annie and Pugasaurus didn’t get hit by a car running down our street.

Ok well, think 30 for us! That’s the new magic number!! We appreciate all that you guys are sending out in the universe for us. Obviously it’s doing something, since we have made it this far! Thank you!!

11 thoughts on “29 Weeks!

  1. Praying for 35w!!! 🙂 Glad you are in such great spirits! I am 1w2d behind you and I feel huge! I cannot imagin with 4! You’re a trooper!

  2. I’ve been following your story but haven’t commented as of yet. It’s great to hear that you’re in such good spirits! I can relate to wishing I had been home in the chaos, I would have felt the same. Thoughts and prayers for you and your little ones. Fingers crossed that you hit your next milestone of 30 weeks!

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