Stuck in Here For the Long Haul

I just found out this morning that I won’t be coming home until the babies arrive. I don’t know the doctor’s reasoning, but I assume it’s so they can keep a closer eye on me, and be able to act faster if something happens. I can’t go back on the magnesium for a couple weeks at least, so basically if the babies want to come, they are coming!

One one hand I’m totally bummed. Of course I’d rather be home. I want to be with my husband and my son. I miss them so much. I get to see them almost every day, but it’s a short visit and it’s just not the same!

On the other hand I do understand that’s it’s for the best that I am here. I know I’m getting great care and constant monitoring. I continue to be monitored for contractions twice a day, and I get daily ultrasounds to check the babies’ heart rates. Being in here probably does give my babies the best chance of cooking a long time. We will see just how long!

Right now I’m just hoping that the time flies by quickly and that these babies arrive before I know it!

Tomorrow we have an appointment downstairs for an ultrasound. They are going to do a biophysical profile of the babies, which means they are going to check their reflexes and functions and make sure they are doing everything they should be doing like breathing and moving.

Please pray that time flies and we can keep these babies in a while. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Stuck in Here For the Long Haul

  1. Well I know its really hard on you being stuck in there but it sounds like you have a very good outlook on it. Time will fly. Sounds like they keep you rather busy with all that monitoring. Keep us updated! I love reading your updates and praying for your babies. God bless.

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