Hospital Update

Apparently I’m a fall risk lol! This magnesium is awful. Aside from the benefits of slowing down contractions and aiding in the babies’ brain development, it sucks! It makes me so tired, you know that tired where your eyes burn? That’s what it’s like, except I can’t sleep much. That’s also in part due to the amount of liquids I’m drinking to help my dry mouth and crazy thirst. I think I’m drinking 2-3 gallons of liquids a day, plus IV fluids, so you can only imagine how much I have to get up to use the bathroom. Add to this blood work every six hours. They’ve had to move to my fingers because I’ve been stuck so much in my arm. Then there’s the nurse checking my vitals and lungs every couple hours. It’s crazy!!

The plan is to stop the magnesium tonight at 11pm. It can be detrimental to have it for five days at a time. They wanted to keep it on long enough so I could have a set of steroid shots. They have me the second one at 100am so they will stop the mag tonight and see how it goes without it. My doctor will check in on Monday to see how I’m doing with no medication. Hopefully I’ll continue to have minimal contractions and I can go home! I’m not holding my breath but we will see.

Also, we are famous! Lol. A nice article from our local paper with a video:
Hope the link works.

Thanks for all the love and support. Keep it coming!!

7 thoughts on “Hospital Update

  1. Just wanted to touch base and tell you I love following your story! We on the Baby Center Twins board are all thinking of you and praying for those munchkins. I’m trying to subscribe to your blog, but can’t figure out how. If there is a way, I would love to be added. Love and prayers!
    ~Angi (CostumeQueen2238)

  2. Just wanted to touch base and tell you that I love following your blog. We all on the Baby Center Oct Twins page are thinking of you and I’m praying for those munchkins to keep cooking! I would love to subscribe to your blog, but can’t figure out how. If there is a way to add me, please do!! Thinking of you often!!
    ~Angi (CostumeQueen2238)

  3. I read your story in the Home News today, and have been reading your blog from start to finish ever since. You and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers, and I look forward to continuing to receive your updates. Thinking good thoughts for all of you!

  4. Kerry! Spotted your story in paper and couldn’t believe my eyes! What an amazing story and journey you are on! Your son is beautiful and i know you will do great with the babies. Know you will be in my prayers. Good luck to you and your husband!
    Sue Pavlovich
    ICS Kindergarten

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