Good News and Not-So-Good News

On Wednesday we had a great appointment. The babies are all doing well! A&B are 2lbs13ozs and C&D are 2lbs8ozs. So everyone is staying close in size and are above average. Heartbeats are great too. Also, my cervix hasn’t changed either!!
So we celebrated with the new Oreo cake from Carvel. A little disappointing!! But that doesn’t stop us from eating it!!

So the next evening Brian is hauling bins of baby stuff from next door and I’m sitting in the nursery sorting clothes. After a while I start to feel a lot of pain down at the bottom of my belly, so I rested and drank some water. An hour or so later I hooked up the monitor and that’s when the painful contractions started. They hurt a lot worse than the uncomfortable ones I’d been feeling up until then. I knew at that point we would have to go in to the hospital. I sent in my data and finally the nurse called. I had 5 contractions in the hour and a lot of irritation, which is like smaller blips. I had been feeling contractions every three minutes so some must have been irritation. She called my doctor and he said come in because of all the action an the pain. So off we went to labor and delivery at ten last night.

I was admitted and hooked up to the monitor. Then I had to endure absolute torture as they tried to get my IV in. They, as in two people, and three needles it took. I swear if I wasn’t laying down I would have passed out. It was awful. They started fluids and magnesium, which helps stop contractions and also helps brain development in the babies. On too of that, it made me super hot and sweaty, and so groggy! They said drunk but it was definitely not fun like being drunk!!

It’s now Friday morning, and I finally got breakfast and I’m getting dribs and drabs of sleep. They want to move me to antepartum where I was last time, but there are no free beds. Hopefully I can move soon. This bed is awful and my back is killing me. I can’t lay on my side because of the monitor, so it’s rough.

I have no idea if and when I will go home. I know for sure I’m here until tomorrow. They want to keep me here to observe me. They can’t send me home with magnesium so I bet they’d want to make sure I’m ok being off of it. I’ll try to keep you updated. Please, good thoughts and prayers even more now for us! We really appreciate all your love and support! Thank you!!

10 thoughts on “Good News and Not-So-Good News

  1. Bad IV experiences really are awful. Just keep doing what you are told to do with a smile on your face- all this will be over sooner than you realize, and you will have an armful of loving cuddles to show for it!

  2. Ugh that stinks!!!! I am thrilled that your made it to 28 weeks! Only two more to go to reach your goal! You can do it! Those monitors stink! You can’t move without them getting disconnected! I am so sorry that you have back pain. The worst part is that you really can’t do anything for the pain. :(. I am so impressed and admire your ability to cope with all of this! Keep up the good work!

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