I’m So Excited!

I’m so excited!! I may be coming home tomorrow!! Finally both my doctors are on the same page with SOMETHING. I have a growth scan for the babies tomorrow morning at 9am, and if all goes well and they look good, I’ll get to go home! And neither doctor anticipates any issues with the babies, so I’m optimistic. I can’t wait to see how big they are now! As of two weeks ago, they were measuring a week ahead and weighed 1lb7ozs-1lb9ozs. Hopefully they are still ahead.

I asked my doctor if I would be on strict bed rest when I go home. He said no, it would be like being here. I’d be resting a lot by default, but I’m free to move about the house. I can make Easton breakfast, and not be stuck in a bed all day. My only restriction is not to lift over twenty pounds, so obviously I can’t pick up Easton or get him in and out of his crib (he weighs 36+lbs!), so I will need help with that. Plus I do want to rest as much as possible, so I won’t be chasing him all over the backyard or taking walks with him. But I’ll get to see him all day, every day, which is what matters!

I know how much better I feel being in the hospital. Most of the aches and pains like back pain and sciatica pain, are gone. So I see how good for me the rest is. Picking up Easton hurts anyway, LOL, so I’m ok with needing help. I just want to be home!

I’ve had minimal contractions still, and my heart rate has stayed normal. They’ve also been checking my lungs since I had the IV in ICU and they are clear. Yesterday I had an ultrasound to check the babies’ heart rates and they were all normal too. They were kicking like crazy! My belly really looks like a scene out of Alien. I though it was weird when I was pregnant with Easton! But now the kicks are all over so it’s even crazier!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be posting from home. Keep your fingers crossed and keep sending out good thoughts and prayers that everything goes well tomorrow and I can go home! Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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