A Quick Daily Update

I had a great night of sleep! I think I’m at that point, that since I’m resting so much, I can sleep half the day. But no naps today! Mornings fly by with doctor visits, breakfast, monitoring, etc. My other doctor was in today, and made me feel a lot better about being off Procardia. In a nutshell, he said its better that I’m off it because it could actually be harmful being on it for a long period of time. He also said that there is no research to show that it keeps contractions or labor from coming when your body says its time. So if it’s going to happen, it will happen. Not a fun thought, but at least I feel better not being able to take it. Plus there’s short term meds I can take if needed. Before he left, he told me that since things are looking good, he says I should have no problem making it to 28 weeks. Of course I want to go further, but that’s our next milestone. It’s a little confusing that my doctors seem to contradict each other, but I think my main doctor is just more cautious.

My afternoon was full too! My parents and my sister visited again, which was awesome. My parents brought Easton some new pajamas (Mickey Mouse!) and a book, and bibs for the new babies. My sister brought two sets of preemie onesies, and omg are they tiny! It’s almost scary that they will be so little! Easton was 8lbs11ozs, so I’m going to be afraid to break these little ones! Brian and Easton came for their daily visit as my fam was getting ready to leave, and I’m always so happy to see them. ❤

Now I'm watching Brazil kick Spain's ass, and trying to stop myself from finishing this whole bag of Skittles. Wish me luck!

Oh and all is still well with my heart, minimal contractions today and the babies are doing good kicking me like crazy 🙂

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