Some Excitement For Me (and not the good kind)

So yesterday started out great with a visit from my best friend’s mom, who brought me ice cream and M&Ms. Thank you! In the afternoon I was bored of the tv so I was watching a movie on Netflix on my iPad. I was sitting up, and I started to get super tired. So I put the bed down flat, an laid down on my side to continue watching. As soon as I laid down, my heart started pounding out of my chest, really fast. I’ve felt that before, here and there, but it goes away after a few minutes. I kept watching and after ten minutes Brian arrived with Easton and it was still going. I tried to just deal with it, hoping it would stop, and then Brian said I should call the nurse.
So they came in an my heart rate was like 130bpm. Everything else looked ok and I had no other symptoms, but the nurse wanted to call the doctor. Over the course of the next few hours, I had an EKG (some changes showed up but nothing major) and an ultrasound on my legs to check for blood clots, but there were none. This all started at 3:45pm, and by 8pm it was still going. I had some bloodwork, which only showed magnesium level was a little low. I had a medical consult, internal medicine residents and attending doctors all come in to examine me.
At around 9:30 they moved me to the MICU so I could be closely monitored. I got an IV line put in, just in case I needed it at some point. That was a special kind of torture – the nurse went on and on about how this was a new type of IV and she was still learning it and it was tricky. Are you serious??? I told her to stop talking. It ended up hurting so bad I was in tears. And the pain never went away! I was also put on a heart monitor with all the fun sticky pads an wires attached to me. They did blood work, which came out normal. Once I was settled, Brian headed home and I was on my own to attempt sleep. But sleep was difficult, as was getting up to use the bathroom, which turned out to pull out from under the sink, and I just had to pull a curtain around me. Brian calls it my prison toilet. Awkward!

Plus there’s big double doors that they leave open, and a window that’s wide open. And everyone who came in was in the habit of leaving the curtains open. Of course, my IV wouldn’t let me walk to that side of the room so I felt completely on display back in my beautiful hospital gown.

At 1:30am they started pumping fluids in me via the IV because they thought I was dehydrated. My blood pressure was down as low as 85/57. At that point, my heart rate was still up around 115.

I was able to fall asleep again, and woke around 4:30am. I saw on the monitor that my heart rate was down to about 92, and I felt so much better! No more heart pounding out of my chest. By 515am it was down to the mid-80s, and stayed anywhere from 85-95 for the remainder of the time.

They did another EKG and more blood work in the morning, both of which came out normal. My blood pressure went back up a little bit, so after about five different doctors came in to examine me, they said I could go back. Of course, hours pass after they all say this, but the happy news is that I made it back to my old room this afternoon. I never thought I’d be so glad to be here!

There’s no 100% confirmation, but all of the doctors agreed that it was probably the Procardia that caused the heart palpitations. My doctor thought it was unusual that after 8 or 9 days of being on it that it would happen, but there was no other explanation. So that was discontinued, and I’m left just hoping my contractions don’t come back. There is no substitute for the Procardia. My other option is magnesium via IV, but that isn’t a long term solution. So we are just going to be positive, and say that these contractions aren’t coming back! And I have to remember if I ever have a high blood pressure issue, that I cannot take Procardia because it could put too much strain on my heart. Apparently, this happens with like 10% of people or less, and lucky me is one!

After I settled back in I took a much-needed shower, and got a visit from my two favorite boys. Just what I needed! Brian and his family made amazing progress with the move and cleaning, so it makes me feel better that they were able to get stuff done. We even have a nursery that’s almost totally set up! I wish I could be there, but when I’m home and physically able, I know I’ll put my stamp of OCD organization on it.

Because I’m sure you are wondering, the babies are fine! They were kicking me like crazy all last night, and my monitoring this afternoon looked great. So no worries! And we are one day closer to seeing them on Wednesday and finding out how much they’ve grown.

Please, especially now, thoughts and prayers that my contractions stay normal, and that the babies continue to do well. We really appreciate it.

10 thoughts on “Some Excitement For Me (and not the good kind)

  1. Our mthoughts and prayers are with u and the quads….your a strong individual and we wish u and Brian the very best! love Annette and Per xoxo

  2. I look forward to reading your blog each night, you are a trooper, May God continue to bless you and the babies, I am also on bed rest just praying for at least 6 more weeks or more.

  3. Sorry you had to go through all that, sounds really hard. We continue to pray for you. I know heart palpitations can happen during pregnancy. You’re in the best place for the babies. Hope everthing continues to go smoothly for your family at home.

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