25 Weeks Today!

Another week down…it feels great to get to Thursday to say we are one week further, especially since every week, even every day, counts.


These are my new toys here, or torture devices. Compression booties to help circulation and prevent blood clots while I’m laid up. The weirdest thing ever! I also got an air mattress for comfort. It’s not the best, but I’m getting used to it.

This morning I had uneventful visits from my doctors, and uneventful monitoring, which is great. From now on, my ultrasounds are going to be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, instead of every day, because the babies are doing good. So that’s positive!

I was motivated this morning and organized my iPad. Go me! How sad am I??? I also had a burst of organizational inspiration, so I jotted down some notes of things I wanted to do. This way if I get to go home I have a list of things I can do on my computer. Don’t worry, it’s all sitting down stuff!

My sister-in-law came to visit with Easton this morning, which is always the best having him here. He is so stinkin cute and funny. He cracks me up!

After lunch I had a surprise visit from two of my soccer girls! It was awesome to see them and have some company, and find out how my team has been doing. Plus they brought me ice cream, my favorite mint chocolate chip. I can’t complain!

Brian came as they were getting ready to go. Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Hopefully we will get to have a nice dinner together this weekend, so today was just a shorter visit so he could get home to E and his list of stuff to do. He did bring me a cute card and an Entenmann’s crumb cake, so again, I can’t complain!

Tonight I was having what I though was some contractions, but the monitor showed nothing, so I think it’s just stomach cramping. They started giving me a stool softener this morning, so maybe that’s why the cramping. Or maybe i ate too much dinner. Whatever the reason, it’s uncomfortable! Hopefully between the booties squeezing my legs and the cramping in my belly I’ll be able to sleep. At least the heartburn has stayed away.

As always, I appreciate and look forward to reading texts, emails and comments from everyone. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this love, but it’s much appreciated. I send my love back to each one of you!


8 thoughts on “25 Weeks Today!

  1. Hang in there!! Hope you are able to get some rest! I really can’t imagine how uncomfortable you must be! But YAY 25 weeks!

  2. Awesome news! You should tell them to hire someone to come give you a mani and pedi so they can rub your legs instead of those compression sleeves haha, just not sure if your insurance company would pay for that haha! Keep resting and posting!

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