Time Flies! Hooray!

Today flew by! I slept good last night – no heartburn except for a short time before the nurse gave me my Pepcid.

No news from the doctors this morning, which is good because that means all is well! Only one contraction on the monitor today, and ultrasound showed the babies’ heart rates are good.

I had visitors all day, which is why today passed by quickly! Brian’s cousin stopped in this morning with her adorable little boy, so it was nice to see them! As soon as they left, Brian’s sister brought Easton to visit. After checking out the backhoe dumping rocks into the dump truck, he played with his cars and colored on the bed with me. It was nice to have a little cuddly time! After they left, I jumped in the shower real quick, and then my mom arrived, bringing yummy lunch with her. We spent a great afternoon eating, talking and playing an old German board game I remember playing as a kid. It was fun to do something different! Then after my mom left Brian stopped by on his way home from work. Such a great day!

Oh I wanted to share a funny: I was standing in my doorway watching Easton leave and a lady came out of the room across the hall. She stopped and stood looking at my belly and said, “oh, you still have your baby.” I said, “yeah, I’m just in here to make sure everything is going ok. There’s four in here.” She answered, “four? Oh my…you’ve got triplets in there?”. LOL! I was polite and corrected her but I was cracking up on the inside!

The rest of the day has just been hanging out watching TBS playing on my phone. The usual! Going to try to get some sleep now – thanks to everyone who visited, called, texted, etc. today! You made my day!

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