No News Is Good News

Checking in with my daily update…

With my 6pm Procardia pill I also got my Pepcid for the nasty heartburn. It’s done the trick! So I’ll keep getting that once a day.

Last night Brian came back to hang out with me for a while which was great. Then I started watching the Jodi Arias Lifetime movie because I’m a little fascinated by that whole story. I was hooked up to the monitor and recorded some contractions. The nurse had me take go to the bathroom and get back on, and in the next half hour there was nothing. So it was just from a full bladder. Phew! Still getting Procardia every six hours anyway, and most likely will until the babies arrive.

I slept pretty well last night and got my usual early morning visits from the doctors. Nothing new from their end, except that I could get the IV needle taken out of my arm. Nice! Now I didn’t have to wait for the nurse to come wrap my arm up when I need to shower. Plus I kept banging it on stuff and it hurt, and Easton played with it and that made me and Brian want to barf.

I got a nice early visit from my two favorite boys, who always bring me Dunkin Donuts. I was monitored while they were here, and there was nothing to report. Then I showered up in time for my next visitors, my parents and my sister. They brought a yummy lunch, and some yummy snacks for me in between meals. Thank you mom and dad!! It was wonderful having them here for the afternoon, just hanging out and chit-chatting. The best way to pass the long afternoon hours!

After they left I continued reading the new Stephen King for a while and then had dinner. The food is starting to get a little monotonous for me, as I figure out what’s good and what’s not. They really haven’t offered anything new, so my choice list is shrinking. Can’t expect too much from a hospital I suppose!

Brian and friends officially moved ours and Easton’s bedrooms next door to our new abode. It just made me a little sad to be here while the rooms got taken apart. I put a lot of love in doing E’s room and now it’s no more. But we will make new memories in our new house whenever I manage to make it home and that’s pretty exciting too. It’s all bittersweet really. And being here gives me plenty of time to think and dwell on stuff, which has never been good for me 🙂 Trying to focus on the positive!

As always, thanks for all the continued support from everyone, whether it’s taking care of my son, moving my furniture or even just sending a good thought my way. Someday I will pay it all forward!!


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