Another update…


Here’s a pic of my favorite visitor doing his favorite thing over here! Leave it to E to find a window ledge for his cars. Also helps that there’s construction below my window with an excavator and a backhoe to watch. Not to mention airplanes flying by with banners and a random blimp. He’s a happy kid!

Still barely any contractions. Just two on the monitor last night and none so far today. Continuing to get my Procardia every six hours so it’s doing it’s job! The only bad part of it is the hours of heartburn that follows. But they confiscated my Tums and are very stingy with it! My doctor said he would order me something better but forgot, so my nurse is straightening that out now.

The doctors did their usual check-ins with me this morning. This one says he would still send me home but we are just being cautious here. Basically that’s how they treat the quads. I get it and I’m glad, but it’s still hard!

At least I don’t have to get more steroid shots for a while. The doctor said they don’t give them unless delivery looks imminent, so he said maybe in a couple weeks I would get another round, depending on how things are looking.

Super bored here this afternoon so I’ve been napping, and thinking of what I’m missing at home! Last night was supposed to be a date night for me and Brian, our first in I can’t even remember how long! Today we are missing a party. Plus I worry that E wouldn’t take a nap today, and poor hubby has to try to take care of all the day-to-day stuff on his own, plus the packing and moving. The plan is to get us semi moved in next door bc if I get home, they might just have me on bed rest. I wish I could help!

Well, that’s about all the excitement I have for now, lol. As always, I’m so appreciative of the love and support I’m getting while I’m stuck here. Thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!

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