Another hurdle we made it over!

I got the results for my glucose test.  I was so nervous to find out about this because Brian’s been on my case about my sugar intake.  I can’t help it – I love my Dunkin Donuts, my gummi bears and my desserts!  So I was completely relieved when the nurse said my level was 111, well within normal range.  She said it should be between 65 and 139 so we’re doing good!  It turns out being pregnant with multiples makes me more susceptible to getting gestational diabetes though, so I will have to test again a little further on in pregnancy.  When she said that, I asked her if I would be ok if I just kept eating what I’m eating, and she said absolutely…thank goodness!  It seemed like basically, if I was going to get it, I’d get it.  So unless I make a drastic change to my diet and live solely on donuts and candy, there’s nothing I can do to make myself diabetic.  What a relief!  Especially since Brian promised me that if I passed, he’d stay off my back about my diet 🙂

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