More Organization: Insurance Binder


I’m so proud! Check something else off the list! I had a file folder of EOBs, doctor bills and receipts that was just overflowing. It was driving me crazy! I had no idea what we really owed, and it took me forever to find the claims I needed for our insurance dispute. I searched around on the Internet for a system, but found nothing I really liked.
I finally came up with this idea, and the motivation to put it into place. I got a huge 3″ binder and a pack of 8 dividers that were wide. I also picked up a set of 8 dividers that were a little narrower than those. Each member of the family gets one section, which I neatly labeled with my handy dandy labeler (best birthday present ever!) In each section I used two more dividers for Unresolved Claims and Resolved Claims. I hole-punched the whole stack of papers and sorted them out into the proper sections. Multiple papers for the same claim/issue were paper clipped or binder clipped together so I could keep them together. It’s all in chronological order, which makes me happy 🙂
I feel so good and relieved getting that done! I know I’ll have tons more papers throughout this pregnancy, and the quads will when they arrive. Now that I have a system in place, I can just sort and file, and hopefully keep some sanity (as long as I don’t look at the amount of the hospital bills!)

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