Wednesday Doctor Update 20 Weeks


We had our big anatomy scan today. They said to prepare for an hour for each baby, but luckily it only took 2 1/2 hours. That was still enough to aggravate my sciatica though! I couldn’t even stand on my left leg afterward.
It was all worth it though; we got to see all the babies and they are doing great!! Good heartbeats and all their parts are there and the proper size. Can’t ask for more than that!
The boys were super active, and stubborn Girl Baby B wouldn’t show her feet. At one point we saw C’s and D’s heads together and C’s mouth was moving; it looked like she was talking to him! D was getting beat up by his siblings when she was trying to measure him.
On another positive note, my cervix is still holding strong so these babies are happy to stay in there longer, thank goodness! Pictured are all four babies, labeled ABCD. Sorry for the rough quality; my scanner wasn’t cooperating.
Next up is my diabetes test. They want to do it sooner because there is no later, as they put it. Then in two weeks we head back for a follow-up scan to check for the parts they couldn’t see today, and another cervix check.
I’m also happy that it looks like we will get home monitoring in about a month. I’ll have a machine I’ll use twice a day to check for contractions and I send the data to a nurse to monitor. Makes me feel better that I’d be monitored between doctor visits.
All in all, another great doctor appointment, and I’m so relieved!

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