In the Beginning: Trying for #2

I wanted to post our back story, starting at the beginning of our journey…but it’s long, so I’ll post it in pieces.  So hopefully I’ll manage to post a part each week. 

After we had our son in 2011, we weren’t totally sure if we wanted to have more or not.  We went back and forth to the extremes, from my husband telling me he wants 3 more, to “we are never doing that again!”  We had conceived our son using Clomid and IUI, and neither of us wanted to do that again.  Once we got past the first hard few months of colicky crying, and the adjustments that come along with having a baby, we had this wonderful baby, who slept like a champ – through the night from like the second month! – ate well, was healthy and happy.  Since he was so easy, we decided we wanted more!  But we were going to leave it up to nature.  If we could conceive on our own, great, but if we couldn’t, we were going to be a happy family of three.  I didn’t get my cycle back until I stopped breastfeeding when he was one year old, so we began trying after that.  After a couple months of not getting pregnant, we changed our minds and figured, well Clomid and IUI worked last time, why beat around the bush?  Let’s just go back to our doctor and speed the process along.  We weren’t getting any younger!!

          So we went back to our infertility group and saw another doctor in the practice, who put us on the fast track.  We did all the required-by-law testing, but were able to forgo the extra doctor consultations, since we’d been there-done that.  As I was anxiously waiting to ovulate, peeing in a cup for the ovulation test kit every day, I got an ear infection.  So I was put on antibiotics and this, or being sick, delayed ovulation and I didn’t O until day 22 of my cycle.  Usually it would have been day 16/17.  In any case, we finally did the insemination the next day.  I wasn’t optimistic, though my husband’s count was great.  With O being so delayed, I just thought that would mess it up for some reason.  Plus, it took us two tries the first time, so maybe I was trying to protect myself and not get my hopes up too high.

          Then on to more waiting – the waiting to test!  During the week following the IUI, I tried not to analyze every little twinge and “symptom” because I know they really don’t mean anything!  But of course I do.  Luckily I really didn’t have much going on, so there wasn’t too much to obsess over.  Until a week after the procedure.  That day I was so DUMB.  I couldn’t think things through properly, I couldn’t speak right and I just felt so stupid!  I said to my husband, “I MUST be pregnant.”  I planned to take a test the next morning.  Well, my son woke up crying at like 4am, so while my husband changed him, I went to pee on a stick.  I left it sitting there and sat down to give my son a cup of milk to help him back to sleep.  I asked my husband to go check the stick after a couple minutes and he came back and said it was negative.  I’m like “really? Are you sure? There’s no line at all?”  And he goes, “yeah there’s a line but it’s really faint.”  I’m like “a line means positive!!!”  “oh” is his response.  Well duh man we’re pregnant!  But the line was so faint it made me a little nervous.  So he went off to work at 530am, and when my son woke up we drove to the pharmacy to pick up a FRER.  I immediately went home to test and that line came up so fast and so dark!  We were for sure pregnant!  I was so surprised to find out 8 days past IUI.  That’s early!  We didn’t find out until 14 days after with my son. 

I called my RE and scheduled a blood test to confirm for 2 days later.  My beta came back at 307 on 10dpiui, which seemed high!  My first beta with my son was 29.7, so this was astronomical for me.  The nurse on the phone made a reference to multiples, but we couldn’t confirm that until an ultrasound.  The next beta two days later was 743.  It more than doubled, which was a great indication of a healthy pregnancy!  Two days after that, 14dpiui, the final beta was 1958, another fast doubling time.  The nurse was satisfied with that number and schedule my ultrasound for a couple weeks later.

During that two weeks, we talked about possibly having more than one.  We thought for sure there were two babies, and MAYBE we’d have three in there.  How crazy, since I was a nanny for triplets when I was younger?  My husband would tell everyone he talked to that we were pregnant, and also including that there could be more than one in there.  So he created a lot of buzz leading up to the day of the ultrasound.  In my heart, I felt that there was one baby in there.  We were hoping for two, so I knew there would be only one.

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “In the Beginning: Trying for #2

  1. Kerry, I admire your strength. I can’t believe you are having four with the Clomid either. Maybe it was ment to be. :).

  2. Hello!! I just got faint lines…two seperate tests…in the back of my mind I was thinking…maybe not…but thanks for confirming my gut…a lines a line!! I have natural twins and for some reason I keep worrying this time we’ll come out with three (we conceived four last time). Funny thing is I’m terrified but at the same time I know I’ll be disapointed if those lines aren’t real and there are less than two.) Maybe I’m terrified that I’ll be disapointed, not at the actual prospect of it. Who wants to say that one beautiful healthy child isn’t enough for them? I only had one of the two the first time and never once after holding him did I feel like I was missing anything. It was just the cards, and he’s perfect. I know I don’t know you…but I’m so grateful I found you!

      • Hey…thanks for listening when I needed it but after verifying the pregnancy we lost it…we’ll try again, though!! I guess now I know not to get my hopes up when I really can’t believe it to start with!

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