A Little Relief


This weekend we took our 13 year old cousins (the set of triplets I used to nanny for) to Great Wolf Lodge. The first day we were there, I refused to take off my sundress and I was hurting! Just walking around and helping my son up and down the stairs to the slides was so tiring! On the second day I was still self conscious to walk around in my maternity tankini, but had no choice but to lose the dress! E kept dragging me further into the wave pool and I was getting soaked anyway, so I stripped it off and I’m so glad I did! It felt so good I be in the pool, with no heavy belly or back and belly pain. I could ALMOST forget I was hugely pregnant! Needless to say I ended up really enjoying myself, especially the quality time splashing around with E in the pool. I only wish I had one at home! Or a membership to one at least. I guess I’ll be blowing up a kiddie pool for me and E this summer! I’m sure he will have a blast, and Mommy will get some relief!

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