Overwhelming Generosity


I never imagined all of the support and generosity we would experience on this journey! The donations, offers of time and everything else are truly overwhelming. At the beginning of all this, I had a very hard time dealing with it. I saw no positive outcome and was not happy about the situation we found ourselves in. However, the love, support and generosity of those around us has really made me see that we are going to be fine! Family members, close friends, old friends, and even friends of friends are offering whatever they can to help us out. It is so inspiring and uplifting to be on the receiving end of it all. With all the bad things we see on the news, it’s reassuring to experience so much kindness and generosity. I will never be able to properly thank everyone as they deserve! Brian and I are so grateful for everything and hope we can pay it forward some day!

One thought on “Overwhelming Generosity

  1. Hi, Better late then never. My son Brian knows your husband. I am an old High risk OB/NICU nurse. I have a group of us that are waiting for you to deliver. Either to send donations or to help when needed. We are all nurses. So please let me know.

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