Getting Organized!


What helped me to stay organized when I had my son (and a bad case if Mommy Brain) was a log book. We recorded whenever he ate, slept and dirty diapers. This made it easy to see patterns, know when he was hungry and anything else important. Plus, I just handed the book to the pediatrician so she could see for herself how he was doing.
Seeing how we are going to have four now, I didn’t want to try to fit them all on one page or keep four separate books. I searched on the Internet for log sheets, which were great, but why spend the money when I could make something myself? So that’s what I did.
They aren’t fancy, but they will be easy for all our caregivers to use and all the info is in one binder. The top page is a log sheet, then behind that is a medical record sheet where we can record baby measurements and notes from doctor visits. Then there’s a vaccination log so we can keep our own record. I also plan to put in a page that has our insurance information and maybe a card holder page to out their insurance cards in.
I figure this binder will probably evolve once the babies are home and our needs change, but at least we will have something to start with.

One thought on “Getting Organized!

  1. So proud of you! Don’t forget a “List of Firsts”…writing down who did what when for the 1st time…I can’t remember 3 can’t imagine remembering 5!

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