A Wonderful Epiphany

My friend and I try to meet up for lunch every two weeks or so with the kids, at a place that’s close to the middle of where we both live.  Last week we met up for the first time in a long time, so we were talking and catching up.  She’s due very soon with her third, and we hadn’t talked much about my pregnancy either.

Well I won’t put in all the boring details, but during the course of our conversation, I all of a sudden found myself saying, “I’m not worried.”  And for anyone that knows me well, they know I’m a worrier.  It’s in my genes (thanks Dad!)  I said the words and realized I truly believed them.  At that moment it hit me that I wasn’t worried about myself or these four little babies growing inside me.  I KNEW they were going to be ok.

I’ve talked a lot, especially in the beginning of this pregnancy, about all the possible bad outcomes of this situation.  Illness, permanent disabilities, and even death.  I know all the risks, and know I’m not above all that.  But that day, sitting outside a cafe, I realized that I know we are going to be alright.  I will carry these babies for a good long while, at least 30 weeks, and give birth to four healthy babies.  I know they will all survive, and will thrive and grow to be absolutely perfect.

I can’t tell you how wonderful a feeling that was.  Not to just believe, or for it to be wishful thinking, but to KNOW that everything really will be ok.  I’ve heard my husband tell me that a million times in the past four months, and now I totally am there.


3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Epiphany

  1. Kerry, nice blog!! I am sure everything will be fine. Since you already helped raise triplets, what’s one more. You seem to have a support system in place and that will be necessary. Enjoy!!

  2. Kerry! 45 lbs?! You’re right on target! I’m so proud of you for all that you’ve accomplished so far this pregnancy and all that you’re about to accomplish as a supermom. Please keep me informed and I look forward to seeing you whenever you’re ready 🙂
    – Laurie Wasserman

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